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How To Buy The Ideal Refrigerator For Your Home

By admin 0 Comment March 22, 2019

Now, in UA Service blog, why is it that we are giving undue importance to the fridge? The reason, in a single day, this appliance gets more traffic from all the members of the family. And are you surprised that, there exists various types of refrigerators? Yes, there exists models in every budget, fashion style. […]

How To Repair The Water Leakage From My Refrigerator?

By admin 0 Comment March 17, 2019

? The issue calls for service from a fridge repair technician at the earliest possible time. And yes, there remains your specifications. For your family. The appliance should get repaired in a short time. There should exist no hidden charges in the final bill. The technician should fix the problem. And the most important point, […]