Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

By admin 0 Comment March 17, 2019

The invention of the washing machine is a boon to the urban family. How else could you explain the washing and cleaning of clothes ( I am sorry, it is a pile of clothes) on the weekends? And if the washing machine gets repaired? Then you have to look for other alternatives such as opting for a part-time maid to wash and clean the clothes for a certain period. In this article, we focus on common washing machine problems and solutions. Following the instructions will make your washing machine work again.

1. You Are Not Able To Open The Door Of Washing Machine

Many homeowners will remember this problem as related to a front loading washing machine model. In top loaders, there is no need to lock the doors. The front loading washing machine is designed in a special way to keep the door locked until the wash completes. If the washing machine faces a technical problem then the door will get locked. The clothes and water will get trapped in the washing machine.


The locking mechanism has jammed. The reason, some clothes have got stuck at the door. The washing machine has suffered a drainage problem. The drum has become full of water. The washing door has become locked.


Do you think clothes have jammed the lock? You can once again switch on the washing machine for another cycle. The clothes can get moved out by this method. If the washing machine activity has not started, then it is time to call for washing machine repair service from a technician.

Drainage Problem – Kindly check the drainage hose for blocks. A blocked drain hose can affect the wash cycles. This situation comes among the common washing machine problems and solutions you can find on the websites of home improvement experts.

2. How To Pause Washing Machine Mid Cycle

We are giving two simple reasons to pause the washing machine mid-cycle. The first – you forgot to remove the mobile phone from the trousers. The second – you left one shirt for the wash. If you have got a top loading washing machine, you just have to stop the appliance. Open the lid, and then remove or add the item. But if it is a front loading washing machine, there arises the complication. The door automatically gets locked during the wash cycles. The reason – the manufacturer does not want the appliance to spill water all over the floor.

Just check the manufacturer’s manual. If you have bought a model that can be stopped mid cycle then you can add the cloth or remove the mobile. Yet, there are very few models in India, where you get this kind of models. Or else, you can opt for a short wash cycle.

3. I Did Not Use The Specified Detergent As Recommended By The Manufacturer

There are detergents for top-loading models and front-loading models. Due to error, you have put the front-loading detergent in a top loading model or done the opposite. Now, there is no need to panic. If you have put the front loader detergent in a top loader, the clothes may not get the best cleaning service. However, there is no reason for alarm. If you have used the top loading detergent in a front-loading, they could give rise to foam. But the model is equipped to dispense the suds to expand and go through the laundry. If you want to stop the activity, switch over to a shorter cycle to minimize the formation of foam. Please note, top loading washing machines can work better with low foam detergents. So next time be careful.

Mentioned above are some common washing machine problems and solutions. Yes, they are simple problems and you can solve them on your own. You can always rely on our UA app to get the best washing machine repair technician in a short time.  Shedding light on the washing machine repair on offer, the executive added, ”A washing machine is one of the most common home appliances, as many people count on it for saving effort and time. Like other appliances, they also demand timely maintenance and care. Our company has evolved as a reliable option for people seeking quality washing machine repair in Bangalore. For booking our service, people simply require filling in some details in the service form available online.

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