How To Buy The Ideal Refrigerator For Your Home

How To Buy The Ideal Refrigerator For Your Home

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Now, in UA Service blog, why is it that we are giving undue importance to the fridge? The reason, in a single day, this appliance gets more traffic from all the members of the family. And are you surprised that, there exists various types of refrigerators? Yes, there exists models in every budget, fashion style. But you need to focus on your family need. You need to check on many factors such as parts of refrigerator, price and space. Some other factors – if you can bend your knees or is there more left-over food in the home. Also buy the fridge as per the traditional requirements. In this article on different types of refrigerator you will gain valuable information. Yet, kindly note like any electronic appliance, the fridge also needs maintenance. For complex repairs, you have to depend on the service of a qualified fridge repair professional.

1. Top Freezer Refrigerator:

This fridge comes across as the most traditional fridge type. The design dates back to the 1940s, but still has retained the charm today. To be honest, the type accounts for nearly half of the sales of fridges. The top freezer refrigerator comes across as a reliable than the French door or its counterpart (side-by-side). They have been around for quarter of a decade. So, as per the statistics, you understand what I mean – the loyalists.

They are also efficient in saving energy. Also, the top freezer refrigerator offers more varied types of models, be it color, size or price. You can stack this model anywhere in the kitchen, (large  or small) but the disadvantage is lack of more space. Very rare in this model, you will find ice, water dispenser in the door.

This model comes first among the types of refrigerators. In recent times, the millennials have begun to prefer the other styles. As the title suggests, the freezer is placed higher than the refrigerator section. The refrigerator space is large. You have to bend the body to pack the fridge. Loading and unloading may become difficult. It does not have the many features, today’s models have, and this can work against your family’s interests.

2. Side-by-Side Refrigerator:

Like the top freezer refrigerator, this type also made an entry to public presence in the 1940s. But it had to wait for twenty years to become popular. As the title suggests, it consists of two doors. The freezer remains on the left, while the refrigerator rests on the left. One main advantage of this design is that the foods of any type (refrigerated or frozen), you can place at an arm’s distance. You do not have to bend down. This type suits the small kitchens.

There are some who complain of less storage in freezer. Some models have more space. The common complaint is less space does not allow to store big plates. Yet, many families encounter this situation only during the holidays or a family get-together.

The main reason, many prefer this model is water and ice dispenser in the door. But of late, this model gets repaired very soon. The cost of repair can become expensive unless fixed by a experienced fridge repair professional. And the side-by-side refrigerator comes as the second popular types of refrigerators among the various brands.

Disadvantages – it needs more energy than its counterparts. Do you have a large family, where left-overs are common? Then this side-by-side refrigerator is ideal for you. You can open the door from the middle, so you need less space.

3. French Door Refrigerator:

One of the latest entrants among the types of refrigerators. This model came to the public eye in the 1990s. The French door refrigerator is the popular trend in recent times. It is divided in the top to two sections. The freezer section – you need to pull the drawer present below the refrigerator.

This style is mostly preferred by customers all over the globe. The refrigerator is placed on top, and you can place the most common foods at eye level. This features makes it stand apart from top freezer or side by side refrigerator. Another advantage is this model has got wide shelves to keep large plates. It is energy efficient, and you can open only one door. That saves energy. There is a lot of flexibility to accommodate small or large items.

4. Bottom Freezer:

As the name suggests, you can find the freezer beneath the fridge section. You can easily reach food at the arm’s length which is in refrigerator. You can take the items in freezer. There are two types. The freezer door, you can pull out or just swing open. On the entire model, you can find one single door or two French doors.

This model saves energy. You also get large storage space in the freezer and refrigerator sections. You can also accommodate many items of various widths and sizes. The refrigerator section remains in contact with eye. The freezer compartment is lain at the bottom. However, the models and brands you come across very rarely in the market.

5. Built In Fridge:

You can with ease, stack this appliance in tandem with the kitchen decor. It does not have the required height, but have the width. You can use this model in the bedroom, dorm rooms or home bars. If you have bought a small unit, then it is easy to place on countertops. Usually a model has many cabinets. They are expensive and their width is more. Among the various types of refrigerators, this model jells well with its surroundings.

Have we given the information on various types of refrigerators loud and clear? Yes, the content is more, but please do not lose patience. There will be a refrigerator for every family. But we want you to select the best one by your family requirements. Do not get concerned about the refrigerator spare parts in Bangalore. Usually, buying a fridge primarily depends on the budget. Usually we go with classic top or the side to side models. But if you have a free budget and ready to go the extra mile, then this article is for you. Happing hunting for the best refrigerator in the globe!

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