Reasons For Your Window AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Reasons For Your Window AC Not Blowing Cold Air

By admin 2 Comments March 15, 2019

Out of the seasons in a year, it is summer which is the hardest. And there are many ways to beat the heat. The best way to beat the summer heat is the installation of an air conditioner in your home. Yes, many homes have a central air conditioner, but there are some which have window air conditioners for specific rooms (example – bedrooms). In this article, we focus on some reasons for your window ac not blowing cold air and the solutions.

1. Fan and Fan Motor:

Yes, you made the right guess. The problem is related to the fan. There are chances of the fan motor not working properly. In a normal window air conditioner, the fan’s responsibility is to draw the hot air all over evaporator coils. Now, after the air becomes cold, they get recirculated to the home. Now, let us assume the fan is not working properly, or because of some reasons, the speed has become slow. Then the window ac will find difficulty to circulate cold air. In some situations, limited air flow will cause the formation of ice over the coils. So, the airflow gets restricted.

If you have to make the check, the cover needs to be removed to check the fan and motor. If you are a DIY expert, then ensure that the fan motor and blades are fine. In case, the motor has suffered a seizure because of wires or the fan blades have become damaged, then you have to go for a replacement. Please note, the mentioned activities are complicated. So it is advisable to hire an AC repair expert to look into the problem. This is one of the main reasons for your window ac not blowing cold air in your home.

2. Fan Motor Capacitor

There are many window air conditioner models which have a run capacitor. In case you hear the motor emitting a humming sound, or the fans rotating slowly, these signs point to a defective capacitor. This is one of the main reasons for your window ac not blowing cold air. Please note, you will have to remove the cover to check the capacitor and fan motor. If the motor and fan are working fine, then check for loose/damaged wiring in the capacitor and motor. In case the capacitor is in perfect condition, then you need to hire a window AC repair expert to identify and fix the problem. Please note, that this situation needs the use of special test equipment.

3. Electronic Control Board (PCB Assembly)

Let us assume that the window air conditioner is running, but you do not get cold air. You have inspected the fan motor, air filter and they are in perfect condition. Then the problem may lie in the Control Board. This part is also known by another name, PCB assembly. It gives power to the compressor circuits and fan motors. You can check the power supply by a multi-meter. But the activity needs an experienced person to do the job. In case, the power supply is low, or some of the circuits have got damaged, then you have to replace the PCB or the control board.

4. Air Filter

The air filter is finding it difficult to do the job. Usually, as already mentioned, the fan draws the hot air all over the evaporator coils. The air becomes cool, and then the cold air gets recirculated back to the home. In case of a blocked air filter, the airflow over the evaporator coils will become limited. Then frost or ice will form on the coils. So, there will be no air flow from the window air conditioner. If you find that the evaporator coils are filled with frost, then clean them with a soft brush and soapy water. Check the filter. Has it become dirty? Then you have to change the air filter.

Have you read the reasons for your window ac not blowing cold air in the home? Then identify the main reason. If you feel difficulty or hesitant to open the cover and make the check, then download our UA Service app and hire the best window ac repair pro in your city with ease. He will come to your home at the scheduled time and fix the problem.  UA Service takes a holistic approach to appliance needs, as it also stocks and sells brand name, authentic spare parts. For air conditioners, the Repair provider offers a vast selection of condenser coils, compressors, indoor motors, motors, remotes, along with universal PCBs and brand-specific PCBs.They will also ensure that the unit stays energy efficient, relieving clients from bleeding money in the form of utility bills. Thanks to UA SERVICE competitive pricing, the client can avail Ac repair in Bangalore at just INR 350/.

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